10 Promising and Profitable Online Businesses

There are many promising and profitable online business ideas. But of the many ideas of online business it is not all can be executed easily and in a short time. But the most important thing about an online business idea is not the idea, but the execution.

If the idea is good, cool and unique but not executed properly it is useless. Then it would be better if the idea was simple but the execution was amazing.

Just like Gojek.

Gojek is usually the idea, inspired by motorcycle taxi drivers and becomes a mobility solution in the middle of traffic jams. But Gojek executes the idea well even amazingly. So it is not surprising that Gojek is currently a company that gets funding up to millions of dollars.

Back to online business ideas. Related to this, some time ago we wrote a blog article entitled Complete And Practical Guide How to Start An Online Business From Scratch.

If you have never started an online business, you can read the article before moving on to this promising and profitable online business idea.

Table of Contents

Promising and Profitable
10 Promising and Profitable Online Business Ideas
#1 Affiliate Marketing
#2 Copywriter
#3 Freelancer
#4 Influencers
#5 Online Consulting Services
#6 Buying and Selling Domains Or Websites (Flipping)
#7 Create online/digital product courses
#8 Dropshipping
#10 Writing Indie Books (Self Publishing)
#11 Publisher Ads
#12 Sponsored Post

Promising and Profitable

There are two words that emphasize this article, which are promising and profitable.

Promising here doesn’t mean this online business idea will be 100% successful and won’t fail once you get started.

Promising here more towards great chances of success in the future. Because the idea of online business that we provide here at least from the past until now still exist (evergreen) and in the future there will still be a considerable need for this business.

While profitable means is the idea of this online business is able to provide material profits (profit) to you. The risk of loss remains, but at least the risk is much less than other online business ideas.

Here are 10 online business ideas that you can execute in no time. Please read, learn and choose one of these 12 ideas that best suit you. 10 We sort this list alphabetically.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Copywriter
  • Freelancers
  • Influencers (Bloggers, Youtubers, Celebs)
  • Online consulting services
  • Article writing services
  • Buying and selling domains
  • Create online courses/digital products
  • Dropshipping
  • Write an indie book
  • Publisher ads
  • Sponsored Post

#1 Affiliate Marketing

The first promising and profitable online business idea is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically like a broker or realtor.

Technically you market and sell products / services owned by others, on behalf of the owner of the product / service, and when a transaction or sale occurs, you will get an agreed commission.

Affiliate marketing will remain promising as long as there are still parties who want to focus on their products and after sales services. So for marketing and sales affairs are mostly handed over to these affiliate marketers.

If you are interested in starting this affilaite marketing online business idea, it’s pretty easy. You only need to provide the following:

  • website/landing page accounts in affiliate networks such as JVZoo, Clickbank, Idaff, Ratakan, etc.
  • Facebook ads account
  • Google Ads account some money to advertise

After that all prepare, select the product on the affiliate network, create its landing page on your own website, then advertise it on Facebook Ads and Google Ads and wait for the results.

For those of you who don’t know how to advertise on Facebook Ads, you can read the article How to Create Ads On Facebook – Complete, Free And Can Be Directly Practiced first.

In addition to the above, you also need to pay attention to list building so that in the future you have your own traffic and do not constantly rely on paid advertising.

#2 Copywriter

We believe writing is easy. But writing writing that is readable and able to influence others to do something is difficult.

If you’ve got this kind of ability, then a profitable and promising online business idea as a copywriter is perfect for your execution.

Copywriters are people who make copywriting. Copywriting itself aims to build the awareness of prospective buyers towards a product or business through writing.

Technically by explaining or communicating offers to prospective buyers in language that is easier to understand. In addition with copywriting can make people who read become interested and appear desire to buy.

To start an online business as a copywriter you just have enough writing skills. While to market it you can use social media or through freelance sites.

#3 Freelancer

The next promising and profitable online business is to become a freelancer. Freelancer means freelancer or in other words there is no attachment between the worker and the hiring party. Once the job is done, a freelancer is then paid according to what he/she is doing or according to the agreement.

To run an online business as a freelancer there are so many opportunities you can take. Starting from translator, data input, creating logos and graphic design to creating software. And the good thing is, by starting an online business as a freelancer you don’t have to spend money and don’t have to go out of the house to work.

The capital is just the skill you have. If you have foreign language skills, then you can start an online business as a translator. If you have the ability to write quickly, you can start an online business in the field of data input.

In addition you also need to join a freelance platform to get a job. Some platforms that you can try include:

  • Sribulancer
  • Upwork
  • Freelancers
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Flexjob
  • Projects
  • Fastwork

In Indonesia there are quite a lot of young people who start their online business by becoming a freelancer. After a long time as a freelancer then opened an agency business that also employed freelancers.

#4 Influencers

Influencers are people who have quite a lot of followers and have a strong influence on their followers.

Examples of these influencers include:

  • Bloggers
  • Youtuber
  • Celebgrams

If you have a blog and enough readers, have a Youtube account with a lot of subscribers and have an Instagram account with a lot of followers, you can start an online business by becoming an influencer.

But for those of you who don’t have many followers yet, but want to be an influencer, you don’t need to be discouraged.

This is because the number of readers, the number of followers and the number of subscribers can be pursued with quality content and the right distribution of content.

By starting an online business through this influencer you will earn money from businesses or companies that use your services to market their products/services. You will be paid per serving ad or based on contract time.

If your followers are enough, you can search for jobs directly or through marketplaces such as:

  • Sociabuzz
  • Sociago
  • Buzzohero
  • Iconreel

#5 Online Consulting Services

The fifth promising and profitable online business idea is an online consulting service. Currently to be able to consult with experts in their fields do not need to be face-to-face. Simply with websites, social media or smartphone applications and internet connections people can already open online consulting services.

Someone has already executed this idea but the amount is still nothing compared to the existing market potential. Some of them such as:

  • Incandescent Psychology
  • Halodoc
  • Hukumonlune

If you specialize in a particular field, you can start an online business by opening this online consulting service.

#6 Buying and Selling Domains Or Websites (Flipping)

This lucrative and promising online business idea is a popular term for flipping. The activity is to buy a domain or website, then manage it and sell it at a higher price.

Some things you can do include:

  • Create a website starting from scratch with a new domain, improve its performance and value and then sell it.
  • Buy a ready-made website and domain, but the performance is still not good, fix it and sell it.
  • Buy a website and domain that has really good performance, then sell it at a higher price.

To execute this online business idea you need to have a good knowledge about website, traffic and also metric website. And to buy and sell this domain and website you can do it on the following sites:

  • Flippa
  • Trademysite
  • Afternic
  • Empire Flipper
  • Sedo.

#7 Create online/digital product courses

The next promising and profitable online business idea is to create an online or digital product course.

The capital you need to execute this online business idea is a screen recording of your computer if you want to create an online course. Starting with determining the topic of the course, creating a curriculum, presentation slides then recording it into a module.

Let’s say you’re good at email marketing. You can create an online course on how to run email marketing for an online business. This is also what we do in SEND. Email. We created an online course called Super Sales Funnel (SSF).

In addition to online courses you can also sell digital products. These digital products include WordPress Theme, presentation slides, video templates to apps for smartphones.

For digital products, if you have programming skills, you can create your own applications or tools. But if you don’t have that capability, you can buy ready-made digital products with PLR or white label licenses.

Places that you can make a place to look for digital white label products include:

  • CodeCanyon
  • Codester

#8 Dropshipping

The ninth promising and profitable online business idea is dropshipping. This dropshipping way works is almost similar to affiliate marketing. The difference is that this dropshipping delivered is a physical product and there is no commission.

You get profit or profit from the difference in your selling price with the purchase price of the supplier. And other advantages you do not need to stock the product and think about how it is delivery. You just have to think about how to market the product.

#9 Publisher Ads

The next promising and profitable online business idea is to become an advertising publisher. The way it works is you only show ads whether it’s classified ads or display ads on websites/blogs that you have.

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So the main requirement to become an advertising publisher you must have a blog or website first. Once you have brought as much traffic as possible to your website / blog. Then register to the advertising publishing platform, such as:

  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika
  • Adnow
  • Payclick
  • Media net
  • RevenueHist
    and so forth.

The potential revenue by becoming an advertising publisher can reach hundreds of millions per month. Many Indonesian publishers have proven by becoming publishers of this advertisement.

If you want to start an online business by executing this idea, we recommend building an English-language blog. Because for Indonesian-language websites, the value of each click is too small when compared to English-speaking websites.